Harvest Kids Ministry


Sunday - 11AM Worship Service, Wednesday - Harvest prayer time - 9:30aM

Our Vision

We desire to provide children with a Christ-centered atmosphere where the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be shared, through planned thematic programs, in a dyamic, relevant and structured way. We want them to understand and grow in the love of Christ.

Our Objective

We will partner with parents, family members and the church body in instilling a deep-seated desire to:

1. Love Christ (Know)

2. Live for Christ (Serve)

3, Lead others to Christ (Evangelize

Our Values and Beliefs

1. Children are gifts from God (Psalm 127:3-5 and Luke 17:2)

2. Children like adults are flawed and in need of a Savior (Genesis 8:21 and Psalm 51:5)

3. Children can grow in grace and use their spiritual gifts for the glory of God and the edification of the church (2 Peter 3:18 and 1 Corinthians 14:12)

4. The congregation (church family) has a responsibility to fulfill its pledge to help nurture and train our children in the ways of the Lord.